Mid-Course Feedback (MCF, formerly known as Midterm Evaluations of Teaching) is a chance for instructors to collect informal, formative feedback from students about a course partway through its cycle.

Instructors can use this as a tool to engage their students as co-creators of a course, to help students understand the rationale behind various pedagogical practices, and to illustrate to students their own role in contributing to the success of a course. This website was created by CTLT and the AMS as a place for instructors and students to learn more about and to engage with this pedagogical practice at UBC, as part of an ongoing project aimed at encouraging more widespread use of MCF. It hosts updates and resources about the project, as well as providing a platform for sharing and commenting on instructor and student experiences.

The project is now in its third year, and CTLT and the AMS are continuing to undertake assessment of it and the impact that MCF has on the way UBC students and instructors experience their courses. Detailed reports about past rounds of this project and findings of its assessment can be found below. To check for available opportunities to participate in assessment of this project, visit our Surveys page.

Further information about MCF, its benefits, and how to collect it can be found under Instructor resources.

Project history and reports

Below are various reports that document the history of the MCF project and its assessment by CTLT and the AMS. This documentation will be updated as the project continues.

After encouraging instructors to collect Mid-Course Feedback in W2014 Term 1, the AMS circulated a survey to students to evaluate the impacts of MCF on students' perceptions of their instructor, their level of interest in and engagement with their course, and their level of stress or anxiety related to the course. A summary of the results is available: MCF 2014 Survey Results

The second round of the project took place in W2013. Most of the project's success in this year was seen in Term 2, when 10 professors from the Faculty of Arts participated in the project. A follow up survey was sent to these professors, which was adapted from the survey that was circulated after the Pilot Project (see below). The AMS wrote a report in Summer 2014 that included a summary of the project to date, as well as the results of the project and its assessment from W2013: MEoT Update for Summer 2014

The Pilot Project was conducted throughout the W2012 academic year, with 22 faculty members from across Arts, Science, Applied Science, and Kinesiology collected MCF in a total of 32 sections. A follow up survey was distributed among professors and students to assess the pilot, and a report summarizing the pilot and its assessment was published: Midterm Evaluations of Teaching Pilot Report

The Mid-Course Feedback project originated under the title "Midterm Evaluations of Teaching," from discussions at the Student Evaluations of Teaching (SEoT) Implementation Committee. CTLT and the AMS designed a proposal for a pilot round of the project, which was presented to the SEoT Implementation Committee in September 2012: MEoT Pilot Project Proposal (2012-2013)