Re-naming: From MEoT to Mid-Course Feedback (MCF)

One of the main themes of discussion that came out of our recent event on Midterm Evaluations of Teaching was that the project’s name needed to be re-thought in order to better capture its purposes. Based on these discussions, we will be re-branding Midterm Evaluations of Teaching as Mid-Course Feedback (MCF). The purpose of this change is threefold:

  1. Replacing “midterm” with “mid-course” helps to eliminate association with midterm examinations
  2. Removing the word “teaching” helps to prevent misconceptions that the focus of collecting Mid-Course Feedback is solely about evaluating teaching
  3. Replacing the word “evaluation” with “feedback” helps to eliminate association with end of term evaluations, and helps capture this project’s focus on fostering cooperative dialogue between instructors and students rather than on strict evaluations of teaching or a course

We will be working to update our website and resources to reflect this change gradually over the coming weeks. Please bear with us as we do so!

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